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My dear Cunegonde..

So, long time no update. Well, not really. Thanksgiving was boring. I can't sleep. Or rather, I'm just not tired. You'd think I would be. I'll probably be tired any minute now. You know, the bewitching hour. Two more weeks of the semester. I bought some tape (scotch tape), so I think I'm going to clean my room and decorate the walls with old magazine clippings. Just random ones. I really don't have anything in particular that I really want on the wall. And I'm feeling sort of creative. It's raining. I wish it would snow. I love snow. In my account, I have eighty dollars.
So, yesterday at work: Okay. People of Massachusetts, who frequent the Cambridgeside Galleria, more specifically, KB Toys. Yes, we're having a 20% off sale. Please read the flyer. It says on listed items. Please, do not a. push the coupon in my face like currency. b. insist on having 20% off. c. get cranky because it's not clear. what part of "selected items" along with a list of the selected items underneath confused you? People. Seriously. d. act as if someone has done you a serious injustice by not letting you have that 20% on that eight dollar Star Wars figure. I know how important that 1.60 was to you, but yeah, no one said life is fair. Get over it. I swear. I had two people the entire day, that didn't want to catch an attitude with me. It's not my problem you don't pay attention.
Anyway, in terms of campus, it was actually pretty quiet, and at first, I thought it was a bit frightening, but actually, I enjoyed it, and I'm sorry everyone's coming back. Nothing irks me more than running into some fool in the bathroom, or hearing the inane and pointless conversations they have in the bathroom about hair conditioning techniques and the various pros and cons, not to mention who slept over last night and snuck into who's room. What the fuck ever. Seriously.

I need to get out of retail. But really, I'm not cranky.
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