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We'll all float on, okay..

That song is stuck in my head. I saw it in a VH1 commercial yesterday, and every few minutes, it pops back up and starts playing. Whatever.
So, I'm writing this entry, taking a well-deserved (not really) break from this French paper I have to write. It's not a hard topic for a paper, but I've grown to hate writing papers, and writing them in a different language makes the process twice as slow. At this point, I'll be happy to get halfway through the third page as opposed to finishing it because to be honest, there's but so much to say about Leonard Bernstein's musical interpretation of Candide. And as if things don't get any more draining, I also have to write another paper, creating an extra scene of Tartuffe (which has to be 4 pages.) Granted, that's not too hard, because writing a few words every other line on four pages really isn't that hard. I have to reread the last few acts of Tartuffe first. And before that, I have to finish this Candide paper. The good thing is, when I have these two things done, I have three more things to do before I can leave campus, completely absolved of all responsibility of this semester. And even though that's in five days, it's definitely not soon enough. I want to go to bed, too. My sleeping schedule is back to normal.

Oh. And those Old Navy commercials need to die.
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