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You'd think I was ten if you knew how much I love Fridays.

A few nights ago, I found myself watching The Investigators, this edition was Hunting BTK, "in honor" of his guilty plea/emotionless confession. I have to say that it was probably one of the most frightening things I've ever seen, but mainly because it was true. It was filmed in such a way that they'd cut to individual comments, and then play creepy music. Then the screen would go black, and the music would go silent. Not once or twice, but generally intermittent throughout the whole thing. I got so creeped out that just because I had to, I opened the doors to my closet (the fact that the doors were slightly ajar and I couldn't see inside because it was three in the morning). I'm still a bit creeped out. His confession was unnerving too, mainly because if you weren't listening, it sounded like he was narrating a golf tournament, his tone was just so dry and seemingly dissociated.

I'm going to be 19 in two days. I hate these inbetween years.

I'm taking data structures as one of my summer classes, and I actually like my teacher. He's under thirty, and he notices when I doze off. There's only three people in my class, and he chastises me about my consistent ability to still find the farthest seat from the front of the class. And yet, I can't find myself shamed into sitting in the front. One of the other guys in the class looks like a British version (he really is British) of Ryan (Kev's brother). Kev agreed. I'm not crazy. Though, this is a new habit I've picked up. Everyone I see now just resembles someone else I already know.

I want to take a trip. Or go to a show. Or something. Not too lavish, just a break from routine.
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