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sing me something soft, sad and out of key..

so of course, it hit about three in the morning and I was no longer tired. Actually, this reminds me of Insomnia, that Stephen King novel about the guy who kept waking up earlier and earlier until he stopped sleeping. I must say. This seems oddly similar. Here's the chain of events:
I would sleep the entire day. from about...nine until about nine that night. And stay up all night. In my attempt to fall asleep normally, I would stay up twenty four hours, and hit the sheets at about eleven. only to be rising at about seven the next morning. The sleep time shifted for a while, but now, no matter when i go to sleep, i'm up in the morning. granted, i promise i'll be tired and groggy in an hour, but still. HA. I have an assignment to do, and it requires my presence in an actual teaching hall. So early. Who feels like a nap? I do. You know. These posts need to stop being so pointless.
But word to the wise. When I return from this assignment. I am sooooooo in bed. All day. No work until tomorrow night at six. It's going to be an extremely easy week.
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