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How do I always catch the clock at 4:20?

Alright. So this entry is getting completely rewritten. For those of you fortunate souls who caught it at about four in the morning, congratulations.
My sinus infection has returned. It was flaring up a bit a few hours ago, but only recently, have my eyes started to water to the point where inhaling any sort of cool air induces some of the most painful stinging pain I've ever experienced. And so, methinks I'm going to head down to health services. It's raining today. And I must tell you:

Today is absolutely beautiful, and I'm taking it as a sign for an equally awesome December. Though my sinuses require that I walk around with my hoodie over my face and not inhale, it is still something to be severely enjoyed. I think I'm going to get something warm to drink, grab my blanket, and curl up with my current literature. Wow. Sounds so absolutely perfect, I have no other words.
By the way, I'm in a good mood. In case you didn't notice. This would be the optimal time for requests, as well as bullshit. Have a nice day.
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