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And after all the struggling, we're finally into the good stuff.

It's going to snow tonight. And rain all tomorrow.
So, I've been working out my finances for the next few months. And, of course, I'm short; thus, I'm currently thinking up ways to compensate for a lack of funds. Of course, I'll ask my dad because I do that because I'm me. And, I'm not going to ask my aunt, because I don't do that. I actually considered making an attempt to get a really small personal loan from the bank (literally the minimum), because I just have too many expenses for the next few months, even with my job.
Alright, in terms of work, of course, I hate it. I've had that job for barely two months, and it makes me sick. I hate kids. I don't know why I took it. Yes, I do, I needed money. My manager, Fred, I've decided, is incredibly ridiculous. He has this manner, you know the one, where he's sort of rude with a smile on his face. That patronizing "You should be ," all the while, holding onto that ridiculous shit-eating grin. So, he put me on for like...bad hours last week, and I went to him and was like..hello? and he was like blah blah blah, bs excuse that sort of made sense, and if it didn't, what was I supposed to do anyway. This week. Not only do I have bad hours. But they're all at like...midnight. And I know I'm not going to be on any sort of train after midnight. Please. Westchester teaches you nothing in the way of street-smarts. Knowing me, I'd be standing out there for like..five minutes before being severely accosted. If one can be severely accosted. I just like to say accosted, I think. lol.
Also, it's the last week of classes. And next week, is finals. I'm so glad it's winding down. The time is speeding up, and that's good and bad at the same time. I'd like to have more time for more money, but the sooner I get out of here, the better. On the 24th, I'm Amtrak-ing it down to NJ, see some Westchester folk, because I haven't seen any of them since the events of June 18th(I still don't think I'll ever forget that day), and then, just in time for New Year's, I'm flying back to CO. Hopefully, I'll have some money in my pocket, though right now, it looks like I'll be flat broke, as usual.
But let's be honest, I'm always looking forward to my trips to Colorado.
Um. *tries to think of anything else semi-relevant*

Oh, well. I suck. I have a lot more to say, and I've actually been incredibly reflective and emotional over the last few days, but it's nothing I care to share. Mainly because it'll make even less sense to you than it does to me. be honest, I doubt anyone's really that interested.

p.s. Go fall in a volcano. You suck.
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