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Yeah, I'm tired and confused.

Essay Question 1:
At what point do you draw the line between not caring what other people think about you, and taking advice from those who want what's best for you?

Essay Question 2:
Is severe criticism from towards those around you justified when you yourself have fully come to terms with your own faults and shortcomings?
Input requested. Details to follow. Sorry about that. The question was asked really wrong.

I've just been pondering these things over the last few days, and wanted to hear what someone else had to say about it (hopefully, someone will comment and give me an opinion on this.). In terms of people not caring, I generally don't know, because in a sense, there exists a sort of hypocrisy, when you tell someone to stand up for what they think and not worry about external opinions, and in the next breath, say "you should do this." Do I listen, if I disagree? Now, to better paint the picture, this is in no way to assume that anyone is rudely and unjustly shoving unsafe things at me (extreme narcotics, etc.), but rather trying to better me as a person, or what they (again, not referring to a specific person, this is actually more directed at my family than anything else.) think would make me a better person. Though, there's something I must consider. Is it a fear of trying, which makes me so defensive to point out this not too cut and dry hypocrisy. I mean, hypocrisy is everywhere. At some point, all of us are hypocrites. All of us. Don't deny. lol. I can think of about three instances of hypocrisy for every person, I know, including myself (which would bring us into the second question, about whether or not criticism when you yourself, lacking perfection of course, is in the right.) So, am I close-minded? Or are they hypocritical? Am I too afraid of change? Or too offended and hurt that there is a sort of obvious implication that there needs to be some sort of change? I'm not sure.

I'm not really sure what this entry was for, or what point I was trying to make, or what I was trying to say. I thought that I could come to some conclusion, over which side of this needs to give in and let go, and I'm starting to think that maybe it's me. Though, I usually think it's me. I really want to go to bed. There are times when I have to be around people, and I feel so uncomfortable, I want to lock myself in an entirely separate room. In fact, I think I'll go do that.
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