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My dear materialista, silence was insane.

So..I'm supposed to be doing Chemistry.

I'm so happy. And I'm also rather carefree. Which is good or bad depending how you look at it. I'm not as crazy tense about getting work done, so I procrastinate, but I'm not really freaking about anything, which is good. And..what better way to waste time than updating LJ?
I spent the weekend at Lianna's house up in Otis(random useless city in the Berkshires). Met her mom's new BF. He's really not that bad, but I've discovered that I find familial squabbles that don't involve my family rather...entertaining at times. And I talked to Dolores, and she's already got me sort of pumped for some Spring Break adventure, which I'm sure will get us into trouble, but yeah. Classes..are okay. I'm okay.
I love this mood. And I'm sure you've all experienced it. That strange, random euphoria where nothing brings you down, you sing along to every song on your playlist(and dance along as well), and that smile just won't fade from your face, even though you're not entirely sure what put it there in the first place(well, you do have an inkling). The whole world makes sense, and every awful thing I've ever heard, said, done, and experienced just fades into a quickly forgotten void.

*flips through her textbook* hmm. Okay, so I'm supposed to be doing Chem. I have a quiz on Thursday, and two problem sets due this week. And...I have three tests next week, Monday (V-day <3), and Tuesday. which sucks.
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