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New Layout.

I figured it was finally time for a change, so I came up with this right after my calculus class this afternoon. Check it out.

School is arduous. Employment is non-existant. Boston's the same. I miss New York. I don't miss my house. I miss New York. I miss Westchester. I miss the malls, and Tre, and the city, and all those other millions of things that are everywhere else in abundance in the world, but not the same unless it's in your own neighborhood.
Oh, and I'm thinking of getting an industrial.

I have a lab to write in the next three hours (I have lab tonight), and then I have a problem set, and a pre-lab to do for my programming class. Also, I have to do all these other labs that I didn't do, mainly because this class is a requirement(though, truth be told, it's a big waste of my time).
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