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Yeah, I can't believe it either.

Alright, I'm at work. Yes, I finally got a job and it's my first day, and I'm sitting here, unable to decipher legal ledgers (and I thought doctors had horrible handwriting). I can't download AIM, so just in case anyone sees this, if they'd like to offer telnet instructions on how to get on SR, that would kill some time and quite a bit of boredom.
So I feel like I'm sucking, mainly because..I dunno, it's my first day and whatever.
I also have this project to do that I'm sort of doing between phone calls and faxes. It's due in like five hours and I've only done like a tenth of it. I figure I'll write an implementation and then work from there. I'm not even sure I'll make it to class tonight. Or maybe I'll pretty much write it, go to class, come home, and submit it. Or, not go, come home, work on the project and just screw the test. I just don't want to give the professor the impression that I don't care, because I do actually like this class. Yeah, I know, I should have just done it before.
It's also funny to work on a keyboard that actually has a three. I've been copy-pasting all morning.

Alright. Going to work on this project because it's almost my lunchbreak and I currently have nothing else to be doing. You may not be able to tell, but I'm absolutely ecstatic to finally have a job.
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