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I hate the way I tend to disappear from this thing, only to resurface weeks later, vowing never to leave again.

Reading over my last entry, where I was worried about losing my job at the firm because the old person was going to come back, well, it happened. I went on vacation with my family the last week in August, and I was called (on the trip) and told that they didn't need me anymore. I moped around my apartment for a week, and went back to work that monday. I think Tuesday will start week five. And I was hinted at by the billing manager that my paperwork for perm-ing was in the works. I'm excited. I like that.

I think I'm starting to get my life together. Not in that makeshift way, but in that way where this is really what I want to do. I realized that what I want to do isn't necessarily six figures (it could be), but the more I reflect, the more I think that as long as I can pay my rent/mortgage, I really don't care. I would share my idea, but everyone would think it was silly. Kev told me I was perfect for it, considering half the people in this profession are certifiable anyway.

I'm almost finished with Anna Karenina. I admit that I was a little surprised as the hinting towards sapphic relations between Kitty and Varenka. It was an entire chapter full of double-entendres, and not in that "They had such a gay time together" type way. It was full of sensual kisses and hugs and Kitty caring a little too much about Varenka in that way. Again, not against, just surprised, considering the context in which it was brought into the story.

You know, I was watching Intervention. I have no idea how people can sit through an entire group crying and telling them what a burden they are. I think I'd fall over in embarrassment and run out of the room. When I'm watching the last twenty minutes or so of the show, I find myself about to turn the channel because the entire situation seems to embarrassing to watch. Not because I find the person embarrassing. But because I see myself being embarrassed in that way. If that makes any sense.

My new job is a lot more interesting. Patent Law. Everyone around me has like..five Ph.D.s, it's incredibly intimidating. They walk down the hallway talking about aquaporins and blah blah blah (it's Biotech patents). It's definitely not as uninteresting as I'm making it sound, I promise.

The wireless works. I hate sitting in the basement because the lighting isn't as good and I swear I can hear noises from the downstairs ceiling (aka our upstairs floor). That makes me nervous, and I have to go upstairs and sit in the big chair backed into a corner, so I can see down the stairs, at the door, and inside the bedroom (just a little bit) at the same time. Until I wrote this, I didn't realize the purpose of my strategic furniture arrangement.

And here I was worried about the Red Sox Game being rained out tomorrow. As usual, I overestimated them.
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